Discover special places in an electric & solar powered boat Experience beautiful locations at their best with all electric & solar powered aluminum motor boats, 100% innovative & Dutch. First one available in Amsterdam from December 2013. Safe at open water, minimal maintenance, shallow draft, low air draft, trailerable, ready for all seasons, no fossil fuels needed, tough and classic looks, compact dimensions, silent & clean motoring, best-of-breed modular and easily upgradeable systems and finish, comfortable and easy to handle by a couple or individual, 100% Dutch quality. Length 9,99m / 32.8ft Beam 2,50m / 8.2ft Draft 0,75m / 2.5ft Air draft 1,80m / 5.9ft Headroom 2,00m / 6.5ft Weight 2700 Kg / 6000 pounds 10kW steerable pod 30kWh lithium battery pack 1500Wp walkable monocrystalline solar panels 1200 liter / 320 gallon water Built in 5mm / .2 inch aluminum Cruising speed: 6 knots Battery range: 50 nautical miles 100% made in Holland
Member count: 1-10