Organics Removal Technology Arvia have developed a process of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation where the organics are concentrated onto the surface of a conducting, carbon-based adsorbent (eliminating the mass transport limitations), but then oxidises the organic to carbon dioxide and water through electrochemical oxidation (which regenerates the adsorbent for reuse). Arvia has developed the process such that adsorption and regeneration can be achieved continuously and simultaneously. This gives a waste/chemical free process that is modular and scaleable with the energy usage proportional to the organic load. An additional benefit that (at an early stage of development) is the potential of the process to achieve microbial reduction through the adsorption of micro-organisms that are killed during electrochemical oxidation, eliminating the need for chemical biocides. Arvia is now scaling up both the company and the technology and is looking for sites to prove larger scale operation.
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