SRS - Innovation in rainfall related risks monitoring Smart Rainfall System is the only nowvcasting system providing real time spatial rainfall maps on a detailed scale, by means of the analysis of satellite television?s signals, received by commercial parabolic antennas. We provide real time evidences on hydrological risk related to intense rainfall, integrating SRS with other real time ICT based sensor networks (monitoring e.g. rivers level and landslides) Whether you are working within civil protection or private businesses, Smart Rainfall System will let you make wiser, faster and evidence grounded choices and commitments Real time risk monitoring lets you make betters decisions. Extreme weather phenomena have changed considerably: they are more localized, frequent and intense. SRS through our cloud based platform gives you highly detailed, real time data at a significantly lower cost than every current metric network. Targets: Metropolitan Areas, Civil Protection, Wheater Services, Insurances, Mines, Dumps, Acqueducts & Waterways