See art on your walls at home without leaving the gallery Art Hangup makes buying art easier for collectors, and selling art easier for galleries. Our app allows users to upload images of artwork encountered at galleries or fairs, either manually or through QR code scan, and then to virtually see that artwork on their wall. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3: For Users: 1) Snap a pic of your wall at home 2) Scan a QR code of a painting you like at a gallery 3) Instantly see how that painting looks on your wall at home For Galleries: 1) Upload your inventory to the site (images + details) 2) Print out and display your unique QR code on the gallery tag 3) Make it easy for your clients to see your offerings on their walls. Embedded growth engine: QR codes displayed at galleries attract users, user expectation of QR codes attract galleries Technology especially powerful at large art fairs, where keeping track of art of interest, along with art and contact details is very difficult Future features will include gallery reach-out to users
Member count: 1-10