The ArtSee App makes it easier for you to select fine art that will look great in your home or office. It is a simple way for you to see how a piece of art will look in your space before you even go to the art gallery or fair. Download ArtSee and take a few pictures of the blank walls you’d like to fill with art. ArtSee makes shooting and sizing the walls easy. You will find artwork from ArtSee partner galleries right in the app. Just navigate to the Gallery Directory to see what is available. It is easy to add these paintings to your personal Library. If you favorite gallery is not yet an ArtSee partner, let them know to get on board. Head out to your favorite Galleries or Art Fair. When you see a piece of art you like, upload it into ArtSee using the camera on your device, and enter all the important information. ArtSee partner galleries will have QR codes for each piece of art that will automatically upload the Art file with a high-quality image and all details. Partner Art Fair catalogues will be available inside the ArtSee App during the show. Use ArtSee to create an image of the new piece of art on your wall. Share it with your friends on Facebook, send it to your partner and designer, to see what they think. Once you’ve chosen the right piece, you are one click away from emailing or calling the Art Gallery. At Art Fairs, you may use ArtSee to Reserve a piece of art.
Location: United States, California, Los Angeles
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2014