Art Plus Home Tech
VR shopping for art through mobile Art Plus Home is a virtual reality shopping experience for art, through mobile, that help buyers decorate their home, and see how it looks on the images of their home, share it, get peoples "likes" and buy when ready. All done within minutes, instead of weeks and months. Art + Home is a software platform that provides: * A virtual reality shopping experience * Accessible via mobile and wearable apps * Assists consumers in selecting art and furnishings for their home or office * Experienced management and development team * Tremendous tool for dealers and producers * Excellent means of reaching a larger and ever growing consumer base * Leverages a HOT trend among investors that is classified as a "Mobile e-commerce niche market" * According to Goldman Sachs, mobile e-commerce will account for 47 percent of all e-commerce sales by 2018
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $150K