Lenders targeting the underserved are unable to achieve optimum productivity because of paper and excel based processes that are carried out by semi-literate field agents. Poor data quality makes it difficult to gather insights to improve performance, create new financial products, and enhance customer experience. Within the unbanked population, Artoo has chosen to focus on small businesses, the largest and the fastest growing segment of the economy, which generates the greatest employment. It is also where Artoo can add the greatest customer value. Unlike traditional lending systems which tend to work at the backend, relying on paper at the frontend, Artoo provides comprehensive digitalisation at the borrower's doorstep. And since that is where the most data points are, it is able to more effectively impact the customer's business. Also unlike FinTechs that provide Big Data underwriting, Artoo has the intelligence to understand the nuances of small businesses, while meeting all compliance standards. We have disbursed loans worth $200+ Million and assessed 300,000 small businesses on our platform. Client enterprises have achieved 500% improvement in productivity, 43% reduction in loan processing times, and a 45% reduction in customer acquisition costs by using Artoo. Overall this has resulted in an 800% ROI. Specialties Technology, Microfinance, SME Lending, Financial Technology, Mobile, Cloud, Credit Underwriting, Base of the Pyramid, Financial Inclusion
Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2010

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