Online art portal ArtOfBrands is an art venture that exclusively focuses on offering ?Brand Art? - artworks that are inspired or linked to a ?brand? or a ?passion?. The company was founded with the idea of providing affordable art based on people?s passions and love of ?brands?. Brand Art covers a broad spectrum of entities from consumer brands, automobiles, motorcycles, luxury brands to passions such as sport teams, celebrities, music and film. The key objective of the company is to provide a portal for artists throughout the world to sell their artworks that are linked in some way or another to ?Brand Art?; and for customers to find outstanding, affordable artworks that allows them to display their passion on their walls. ArtOfBrands exploits digital printing technologies thus avoiding any inventory risk. The market for wall decoration is US$42 billion, in the US alone, and the online art sector is estimated to reach ?10 billion by 2020, and no company focuses on artworks around "Brand Art".
Total raised: $1.2M