Novel Microwave Radiometry Medical Imaging Technology Platform: Microwave radiometry system and analytical software to measure, visualize and interpret human tissue temperature at depth. Product Portfolio: RTM System (CE mark), Sensors, Software, Smart Wearable Bra, Helmet. As a sole or adjunctive medical imaging modality, RTM System can significantly enlarge available medical information, improve detection and diagnosis accuracy, enhance treatment efficiency, i.e. save lives and improve treatment quality. The most important area is an improvement of current breast cancer detection-diagnosis-treatment paradigm. According to different studies, x-ray mammography misses every other cancer in dense breasts. There are about 40 million women above 30 years old have a dense breast only in the US. RTM System is a game changer: + Effective, Passive, Non-invasive and Harmless; + Disruptive Sensitivity and Specificity trade-off; + Highly Effective for Dense Breast and Early Stages; + Available for pregnant, nursing and young women.
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