ArtMart & Framing
Custom Framing online (like Artmartframing has been doing custom framing for anything - prints, diplomas, family photos, art and shadow box for 20+ years. Our customers would range from corporate offices to home. These can also be given as gift items. We do all the custom framing here in Atlanta, GA. The main purpose of this store would be to create a niche that no one is doing so far in art business. We will rent out framed art to stores on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. They can swap out art every few months based on their plan. That way an office or home can change their look new every few months without spending too much. Also, if you have heard the story of, they opened their store with a simple idea and that was to keep their pricing simple and easy so people don't have to spend too much. Their first year they ended up doing 20,000 orders! We are planning to keep our prices to the minimum as well without lowering quality. Help us in creating better art! Thank You.