Marketplace for valuation, acquisition and inspiration of art works Artlokator is a platform that connects all major art market places in one: art platforms, online & traditional auction houses, galleries, art dealers and private collectors. The website provides free valuations and knowledge about art pieces, a data library to search for items and art market trends. As well as an online gallery where you can get inspired and can share your works of art with the global art lovers community. ?People are inevitably drawn to art and the creative. Without art, life would be meaningless. Nothing inspires us more. Our vision is to share our love for art with the global community and to call the next generation of art collectors." The art world confronts art lovers with a range of problems. The valuation of art pieces is not easily accessible. A critique from professionals is difficult to get. Sellers and buyers are charged high fees. Acquisition is a challenge for art dealers and collectors around the world.