Use your IOS or Android device to explore 1000's of images. Explore art on your TV Artkick transforms millions of internet connected TVs into large interactive picture frames you control from your Android phone or tablet. Van Gogh?s Starry Night, NASA?s Hubble images from deep space, Ansel Adams landscapes and contemporary photography are all easily and quickly viewable. Descriptive information about the images and sometimes even videos are displayed on your smartphone or tablet so you can learn more about art every day. You choose what to display. You can display one image on your TV for a long time or ?play? a wide range of included Viewlists. You can even create your own Viewlists and share them with friends. To make exploring easy, the images are organized into categories. However, your Viewlists can include art from any category (just as Playlists can include songs from multiple genres like Jazz, Rock and Rap). Discover and learn about the images you love. Share your passion for these images with our ever-growing Artkick community via social media.
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