Online games powered by player creations Artizens is an online multiplayer video game for PC, Mac, and Linux. It has three core features that set it apart from other games: - Workshop: Players can draw their own characters by making each piece of equipment. They can add modular features to each piece to give their character unique behaviors and mix and match pieces of equipment to create their own personalized Artizen. - Marketplace: Players can buy and sell each others' creations, exchanging virtual currency they can purchase from us. This allows players who don't want to draw to still get in on the customization aspect of the game. It also provides Artizens with a second stream of revenue. - Missions: With their customized gear, players can team up to go on endless missions that challenge their teamwork and creativity. Our gameplay is in the action platformer genre (like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog) which is seeing a resurgence in popularity, especially among indie games.
Member count: 1-10