App + Publication connecting fans to the local arts community in each city We are creating a web and mobile iOS application platform that allows people to discover and interact with the art scene in any city around the world. Want to do something fun in your hood, but don't know where to search? Breakout of the norm & stay updated on all the creative events trending around music festivals, film showings, gallery expos?s, concerts, operas, ballets, public art fairs, underground art events, and much more! These events are posted by authentic local artists & venues who are responsible for shaping the vibes of your neighborhood's culture. This app has 3 user-types: artists, venues & fans. Artists of all industries join the app to showcase their works, promote events, and sell to the general public. Venues showcase their spaces & sell tickets/promote their events on a social network. Simply looking to support the arts, collect art, discover new artists, or just want to be in the know of nearby happenings? Sign up as a Fanatic and enjoy!
Member count: 11-50