Artists' Lounge Detroit
Co-working Art Studio The Artists? Lounge Detroit will be a co-working art studio for all types of artists i.e. Painters, Poets, Crafters, Dancers, Musicians, Photographers, Filmmakers etc. A co-working art studio is a venue where artists work on their craft individually or collaboratively in open, creative space. Various (art) studios will provide a balanced work environment that encourages growth and creativity, and showcases talent. We want both seasoned and budding artists to feel comfortable here and learn from one another. Artists will also experience the added benefit of being able to network with artists in several other genres under one roof. Work space will be available to artists through affordable memberships. We endeavor to promote the Arts, engage the community, and support local artists through our events, classes, workshops, and exhibitions. Our goal is to add to and build on the Arts and Culture scene of Detroit by stressing the importance of Art.