Marketplace for artists in the CIS region (former USSR) The CIS region (former USSR) with 300 million predominantly Russian-speaking population is $50 bln. entertainment and media (E&M) market, already one of the largest in Europe and with continuing double digit growth by 2018 will become the largest E&M market in Europe. Artistiya ("????????" stands in Russian for ?Artist and I?) addressing this sizeable and fast-growing market with a social network that helps new and established artists to connect and engage with their fans. Instead of going for specific art category we extended the reach to all 3 main art categories: scenic, visual arts and literature, helping synergies and symbiosis between artists to create new content. Emphasizing on ?I? ? the fan, Artistiya is moving away from the fan?s passive consumer role but rather gives the fan a possibility to be involved in all his/her artistic likes and inspirations not only through consumption but learning and participation in art content creation.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K