(Craigslist) for Artists Artistfeed is designed to bring all artists more opportunity through 'post, collaborate & create.' This is the first site of it's kind. It allows all artists to connect regardless of their creative language. "Swapportunities" is our featured category where artists swap time/talents to gain services/content. For example: An acting coach in New York is looking to have his living room painted and is offering 10 coaching's in exchange. Possibilities are endless. Our goal is to place value on an artists time vs their pockets. In addition, there is an Artist Marketplace, Opportunnity & Tranportation category. Artists deserve a home online that is dedicated to our craft. We don't sell car parts, or force you to monthly subscription fees. Of course we have solutions for monetization but have clever outlets when such time arrises. Artistfeed has the power to connect artists world wide and be the largest creative hub in the world without being a social network.
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