Artist Collective

Artist Collective
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With a collective 15+ years of experience, we believe in relieving artists the stress of juggling both the creative and business side of the arts. Whether you need help with a project, creative business or full management, Artist Collective is your solution. We work hard to get you back to your real passion… the arts. Artist Collective gives you the ability to expand your knowledge of the industry pertaining to music, marketing, branding, and financial decisions. We strive to create a network, or collective, of artists working together to promote and advance one another’s careers. We provide you the opportunity to pick and choose services that are most needed for you, as an “a la carte”model. At Artist Collective we work with a variety of artists including musicians, songwriters, models, graphic artists, cinematographers, photographers and many more. We connect artists to others in the industry to create a collective with the same goal; Getting back to the arts. For general inquires or interest in joining our network or street team:
Location: United States, Illinois, Chicago
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 312-584-1704
Founded date: 2013