The supplier behind artisan food production ArtisanGeek is an online merchant and wholesaler of specialty ingredients, tools and supplies to producers of artisan foods - all over the world. We enable artisan food producers to create superior, creative products by giving them immense selection of specialty items, coupled with enterprise-class service at rates that enable them to produce financially-competitive products without compromise on creativity or quality. Launched a year ago as an experiment serving only artisan cheese producers, we quickly grew to serve over 300 creameries and farmstead producers, as well as culinary institutes, specialty retailers and hobbyists in over two dozen countries. No marketing, ads, SEO or PR; all by word-of-mouth. We have just completed a move to a state-of-the-art distribution center and we are ready to scale up to other verticals of food production and become the catalog of choice that thousands of food producers the world over rely on for their ongoing business - and can't do without,