The best artisan craftsmanship from all around the world Artisan Ethos is an immersive eCommerce experience and social impact project created to change people?s lives. Artisans around the world make incredible high-end luxury products but currently sell in local shops in their country. Marketplaces such as Etsy don't really mesh well with the high-end luxury sector of the market. These superlative craftspeople sell products with heritage and soul and need to be featured on a different type of eCommerce experience that helps better showcase their story, exclusivity and quality behind the product. Our web based experience allows for a distribution of these incredible products, all of which are not currently available in the US, to be featured on our platform with full transparency. We?re doing for highend artisans what Alibaba did for massproduced goods, but in a really aesthetically pleasing curated gallery. Each of the craftspeople will have profiles with video, photo and written content featuring their story.
Member count: 1-10