Artisan Ethos Artisans are the craftspeople that put their heart and soul into their products. Connecting craftspeople from all around the world directly to you, through their stories, technique and surroundings is our ethos. We want to introduce a different way of living through beautifully crafted products that can grow with you over time. Artisan Ethos brings you the best selection of the highest quality handcrafted products, sourced from the best makers around the world. We hold five principles dear to us: 1. Complete transparency of how the products are made, what materials are used, and where they are made. 2. Extreme attention to detail in the hand manufacturing of each piece. 3. Excellent pay and working conditions for all the makers. 4. Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and use of all natural materials. 5. Unique and hard to find special products that can be passed down as an heirloom.
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 415-797-8118
Founded date: 2014