Artis (Currently on HOLD)
Integrating international trade, in one site After 3 years of doing international business between China and Mexico, we have observed that international trade is not yet as efficient and fast as it could be Artis is the first marketplace in the world to integrate the whole international business process connecting China and Asia to the world. From the sourcing of products from different sourcing sites such as Alibaba, Trade India, Made in China, Global Sources, among others, inspection and supplier verification from a third party company. To the continuing to logistics and being able to quote and book land, sea and air freights as well for doing customs clearance process, everything in one site. We want to make international trade as easy as buying something on Amazon. Through a shared economy business model and blockchain technology we are integrating international trade in one site, in which base don a ?1-2-3? step process, optimizing costs, eliminating intermediation, misunderstandings and making trade more efficient.
Member count: 1-10