The social music platform for the next billion musicians Artiphon enables everyone to play and share music immediately, even if they?re not musicians (think: TikTok meets Peloton, for music-making). Artiphon has already launched two products with record-breaking $1MM+ Kickstarter campaigns. Now the company is expanding the $20B music creation market with multiple recurring revenue opportunities in social media software, education, and content licensing. Although music listening is at an all-time high, the music creation market has not been disrupted. New musical technologies are still complicated, expensive, and primarily designed for pros, despite amazing technological advances in sensors, sound synthesis, and social networking. Artiphon is creating an accessible, entertaining social platform so that everyone can play music together, even those who have never played a traditional instrument. By 2025, the global instrument market is projected to reach $24 billion, largely driven by the rise of connected hardware/software products. And it?s converging with other industries like recorded music ($36B) and live music ($26B), as well as consumer tech, gaming, and social media. Artiphon?s business model has been proven in other industries (e.g. Peloton and Beats), and continued growth will come from education, wellness, and gaming markets.
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Total raised: $2M

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