Artha Energy Resources
Data Backed Investment Bank For Renewable Energy AER has created a platform that connects the various unconnected information silos in the Indian power industry to identify potential transactions for new projects, M&A, refinancing, etc. To put it simply in the Power Sector; data rests within three buckets. They are the Generators who produce power, the Consumer who consumes the power and the third the Transmission Infrastructure that links the two. It is the aim of our platform to seamlessly integrate the three data streams so as to draw meaningful information from it. This information in turn would be of interest to Investors, Sellers, Consumers, Governmental bodies and other organisations that research in the power sector. On this platform we will roll out a numbers of products for the industry and we are starting off by launching our project listing page where we will be showcasing the projects that we have discovered are currently advising on (termed "live") as well as projects that are in the pipeline to go live (?coming soon?).
Location: India, Fort
Member count: 11-50
Phone: 3093243