Immersive ArtGallery - Instagram with VR/AR I am interested in pitching a technology idea to you. I have worked full time in different software companies ( Oracle, Siemens,etc ) and I am also an Abstract artist. You can follow me on Instagram: My hashtag is #jpodonnell We started building out a new way to visualize and buy art. My co-founders are experts in gaming development, and we started building out a rough prototype of this virtual gallery platform. If you ask any kid if they have heard of Evil Nun ( out of the Apple store ) they most likely will say, YES! its awesome!! These are the technology guys developing ArtGallery1 ......We are building the most realistic, high definition gaming system enabled VR for Artists, galleries, and Collectors to all use. It is optimized for all platforms ( only true gaming Gods know the magic of how to do this ) We are experts in software development ( especially in Virtual Reality, gaming, artistry) Please help us on our Artistic Journey - your Kids will thank you later in life..
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