ArtFrog Art Academy - 501(c)3
Free Art Education For ALL ArtFrog Art Academy is a hands-on learning center established in 2011 as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. We offer FREE Arts Education for students ALL ages, stages, abilities and diverse backgrounds through year-round classes, workshops, camps, art shows and community art projects. Description of PRODUCT for entering: We are offering a PUBLIC ART PROJECT that will detect, select and broadcast the "Sound of Austin" of the past 24 hours. Microphones, nodes placed in town, or public input via smartphones provide a database of sound, noises or songs, out of wich AI technology decides on the SOUND of AUSTIN of that day, and celebrates it by amplifying it on to people's devices and feeding digital internet radio stations during sunset. During all development and deployment phases, free classes are held so students get hands on education in art, design and creativity as well as innovative project management, programming and communication technology classes taught by our volunteers.
Member count: 11-50