Arteron Global System
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World's best Decentralised Potable water treatment systems All about Arteron: (By Arteron Global Systems Pte. Ltd. - World's first Decentralised clean potable water treatment system in small footprint that treats above million of litres per day. Water source conditions >500 ntu (turbidity). The system is robust,, lightweight, no chemicals used, 15 years system warranty, simple to use, scalable system. Very low investment cost but high treated quality output, above WHO standards against traditional method. Benefits for many institutions and industries: A) Government for disaster reliefs B) Water works department - Decentralised treated water infrastructure system - Doing away with centralised version. C) power plants, food and beverage, farming, plantations - lack of clean water source. D) Military E) Commercial and General use: Buildings, hotels and resorts, condominium and apartments projects - redefining your property as the the first in the country to produce out Potable water from any tap in the building.
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