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Think ?linkedin? for the Creative Sector ArtConnected allows for the fast & easy exchange of information on opportunities & jobs in the arts, creative & cultural sectors. Linking creatives, arts organisations, venues & suppliers on-line & across national boundaries to increase information & capture market efficiencies. Sectorial problems - Lacks integrated business & communication tools - Inefficient distribution of information on available opportunities; grants; jobs for artistic & technical staff, venue or equipment hire. - Lack of a central database of the Arts including Organisers, Venues, Grants Providers & Artists - Filtering out relevant information from widely used existing networks is time consuming & ineffective - Communication always going to the same network ArtConnected - Brings all the areas of the Sector into one place - Offers effective communication, management & promotion of available opportunities - Work & communicate smarter - Reduces expenses & save time - Increase exposure, reach & impact
Location: Ireland, Kilbride
Member count: 1-10