Art By Anjee
Custom paintings, custom clothing from painting designs Essentially my product START with just a taste of what I have been able to create completely on my own with my limited finances and time as a single mother. I have plans to not only have my art on clothing ( but also yoga mats, cell phone covers, hard shelled luggage, and more! I know it will sell because I already have several orders. However now, I need help finding a distributor and also help in ordering a great deal of product to show/sale. My next art show is Earth Day Birthday in April and my goal is to have a lot of prints and merchandise to sell. I also plan to market my art in a creative/sexy way (I have several ideas!) so as to, once I have all my ducks in a row, to be able to market my brand globally. Please please help in any way you can! I need to meet clothing print companies, investors and marketing/social media guru's to get my dream to take off :) Thanks and all the love in my heart <3 Anjee
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