Profitable Art The idea Paintings of the best Russian artists to buyers from China. Due to the increased purchasing ability of Chinese citizens and their desire for luxury items, we offer a new approach to the sale of fine art-paintings. For better promotion of the work of our artists we offer - the possible return of the paintings at any time after one year of ownership - the possibility of receiving CASHBACK- 8% in USD of the purchase amount every year for 8 years - the possibility of resale of paintings via auction on our website with the goal of obtaining additional profit, after one year of owning the painting (auction in progress) We are engaged in the promotion of artistic values, not the market of art. The paintings, displayed and presented for sale have been carefully selected assessors. Each painting offered by us is of real value and every year the cost increases. When you return the painting the purchase amount will be refunded in full, and the CASHBACK is in the form of income.