artbit - An exciting new way to interact with Art! artbit is a mobile app that identifies millions of works of art in a snap (using vision technology) and provides you with easy to follow info about the art and the artist. artbit's vision is to connect people with art anytime & anywhere in a more accessible and fun way. The app is an art companion in your pocket and the main features include: Snap: see a painting you like? just open the app, press snap and the system will recognize the painting and provide info about it (about the artwork, painting etc..) after snapping the user can share, like, contact the gallery etc. Timeline: see all the timeline of your snaps - very helpful feature, people can go back to the history of what they liked and get more info about it. Nearby: see what is around you - get inspired and visit an art venue around you Point -> Snap -> Interact! Download the app: IOS - bit.ly/artbitapp Android - bit.ly/artbitappandroid
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