Phone to Table Venyu is a POS that is not a #$@POS#$@. Venyu point-of-sale is built side-by-side with leaders in the hospitality space who are innovating the model of service. Instead of shoehorning in a solution, we developed one entirely in-house that matches their nimbleness. Other hospitality businesses are racing to replicate. Venyu has intuitive interfaces where every operation is two steps away. It grows and scales with businesses, regardless of their size and offerings. Build the right product, win the hearts of your clients, and a POS can actually become viral. The perfect example of award winning service that Arryved/Venyu powers is the focus on relationships between guests and staff. The order is being delivered to the table while the staff is building brand loyalty. The guest leaves and raves about the establishment to all of their friends.
Member count: 1-10