Woodworking Activity kits Hello, I'm Mike, and today I want to remind you of when you were younger, those days when you spent time baking cookies or working in the garage with a parent. We've all enjoyed those times or similar ones, but what about now? Do you spend that kind of time with your kids? Hold on, before you answer that to yourself, sitting on the sofa watching tv, or just going to the park isn't the same thing. These memories define them as they defined you. My product line is called a Sliver Kit, and this product offers multiple solutions to customers. The most valuable solution offered is the bonding time between parent and child, but also the lasting reminder the project leaves behind, as well as its regular application. For example, the first project I've offered is a step stool which measures perfectly for potty training. The stool is capable of supporting a vehicle's weight. The scalability of this product would allow it to sell in any large retail chain as well as with recurring income.