Arrowhead Mills has been one of America's most trusted organic baking brands for 50 years. We take great pride in the fact that more than half of organic food lovers from coast-to-coast count on our naturally enriched simply made products to nourish themselves and their families. Our story has its roots deep in the Texas Panhandle, where Frank Ford—a pioneer in organic farming—founded the company half a century ago. Frank believed that pesticides and herbicides polluted the food chain, so he set out to farm organically grown corn and wheat. He ground his harvest into flour using a stone mill—which is still in use today at our facility—and then delivered it to local stores from the back of his pick-up truck. As word spread about organic farming, health stores around the country began ordering organic flour from the fledgling Arrowhead Mills. Soon, what began as a small, local company sprouted into a national business that now occupies a 20-acre site, complete with offices, manufacturing, labs where we do diligent gluten free testing, warehouse and grain-storage facilities. Today, our parent company is the Hain Celestial Group, one of the nation's largest natural and organic food companies. As Arrowhead Mills has grown, our brand and our product line have grown with us. Over the years, we've added hot and cold cereals, as well as delicious pancake, waffle, cake and brownie mixes; nut butters; seasonal products; and gluten-free products—all of which taste great, are all-natural and are entirely free of chemical pesticides and herbicides. Our recipe for success is simple: We remain true to the core values and straightforward business practices on which our company was founded half a century ago. That's why we purchase many of our wholesome ingredients directly from local suppliers. It's why we emphasize environmental responsibility by maintaining sustainable farming practices with no harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides, and take decisive steps to shrink our carbon footprint and conserve our planet. It's why we provide pure, great-tasting grain and food products that cooks, homemakers and busy parents rely on as the cornerstone of their nutritional health. In short, it's why every day, in all we do, we continue to deliver on the Arrowhead Mills brand promise—simple products, straight from nature and as close as you can get to home. OUR GUIDELINES FOR FACEBOOK POSTING: Thanks for visiting us on Facebook! We’re glad you’re here and encourage you to leave comments. We want this to be a fun, friendly environment for all of our Arrowhead Mills® fans. Please be sensitive to everyone’s air space by making your point efficiently. We appreciate your feedback. Here are some guidelines for commenting on our wall. - Please stay on-topic. - No spamming. This includes self-serving or flagrant promotion of goods, sites or services. - No offensive language. - No personal attacks (hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments toward a specific individual or group). - Arrowhead Mills® reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason. To find Arrowhead Mills products in your area, visit: http://www.arrowheadmills.com/ Contact Us: http://www.arrowheadmills.com/
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