Arribaa is a unique local travel experience marketplace. Airbnb for travel experiences Arribaa lets travellers find and book, unique travel experiences hosted by outgoing and interesting locals. The website enables people to search, browse and request experiences, as well as save a watch-list of tags or destinations for later, and curate their own wish-list of Arribaa experiences they can display on their public profile. Users are able to sign-up using Facebook Login or email, and this allows them to book experiences from our local hosts, and review them afterwards. Arribaa has a stronghold in it's founding location, Sydney in Australia, but in total there are 12 countries around the globe represented by the vibrant local host community. There are roughly 150 experiences on offer at Arribaa, each lovingly created and curated by their respective local host, hosted by around 100 awesome locals around the world. Arribaa is unique in that it enables local hosts to earn income for hosting travellers, by managing their bookings, messages, payments and prices.
Member count: 1-10