Arrangr is the Knowledge Leader in ?Intelligent? Scheduling Arranging a business meeting is time-consuming and frustrating. Not only is there the "what day" and the "what time," but settling on a location for coffee can entail countless back-and-forth emails, texts, and phone calls. More problems arise when setting up a conference call or video chat with the myriad of separate services, miscommunications, and different calendar issues. Then add in multiple people to coordinate an event, and you complicate all these problems exponentially! Arrangr's SaaS progressive web application is the solution! Arrangr works on any desktop browser and mobile device, facilitating both one-on-one individual and group meetings in as little as 30 seconds. Our system is faster and simpler than any other method, works the way one is used to working, and can be done with just a few clicks. Arrangr incorporates proprietary algorithms, AI, and a best-of-breed offering. - Arrangr works with Apple iCal, Google Calendar, MS Office 365, and Outlook.com Calendar - Arrangr is in the Marketplaces of Zoom, Zapier, Slack, FreshChat and HubSpot. - Arrangr is further integrated with Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, UberConference, FreeConferenceCall.com, Google Maps, Uber, etc. - HubSpot ranks Arrangr.com in the Top Ten Scheduling Apps - Fiverr ranks Arrangr.com in the Top Three Scheduling Apps
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