Turning waste into value Arqlite has developed a process that differs from traditional recycling systems as it is low cost, even competitive to landfilling, and also capable of recycling all kind of plastics, even the ones today considered as non-recyclables. The output is an innovative artificial aggregate used as an alternative for quarry rock for concrete mixes, drainage layers and roads sub-base among other. The double revenue model allows to provide a competitive price on both ends: recycling and product sale. Arqlite stone is 60% lighter than quarry rock, reducing the size of the structural support required, leading to significant reductions in costs in materials and transportation. In addition, its 10 times better thermal and acoustic insulation can result in energy conservations and more comfortable living and working spaces, making the product more valuable for civil engineering applications compared to quarry aggregates.
Location: Argentina, Argentina
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $220K

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