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Floatation Room for Sensory Deprivation The product is a float room that contains 300mm of water mixed with epsom salts which gives the customer complete weightlessness while floating. For millions of people, floating isn?t just a method of healing and meditation. It?s also a journey to a higher state of wellness and being. The experience, aftermath and benefits are as different as the people floating, but we?re starting to gain a better understanding of the multifaceted benefits of floating through continued scientific research. That being said, we?ve only seen the tip of the iceberg Like anything we do to try and better our health, a certain level of consistency is required to gain full benefit. With commitment, floaters may be able to open up new roads to recovery for conditions including: -Anxiety -Depression -Insomnia -ADHD -Addiction The Epsom salt also provides the body with magnesium that can reduce muscle and joint issues as well as pain associated with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, whiplash etc.
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