LinkedIn for non-permanent employees (in media and entertainment industries) Aroundus lets NON-PERMANENT workers in media and entertainment fields ranging from creators (directors, writers, cartoonist), performing artists to production staffs create an INTERACTIVE social profile to express their talents and skills categorized with video and photo evidences and PROJECT experiences validated by former and current colleagues. For FREE! Supported by SEARCH methods that resemble search in open e-commerce open markets like Amazon, we provide search results of persons' profiles in the order of popularity or credibility of work experiences that can be found with keywords - possessed TALENTS like acting, singing and dancing, PROFESSIONS like singer or assistant director, project OUTPUT NAMES like movie title (i.e. Avatar), or person's NAME - based on users' interaction data with a person's profile. We create an environment for people to search, connect and hire proven talents as well as help people get social credit they deserve for their contributions in projects.
Total raised: $47K