A CHARITY DEDICATED TO IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS, RECONCILIATION AND CULTURAL EDUCATION. Around the Campfire Inc is a not for profit charity that is dedicated to raising the level of Indigenous health in Australia. Around the Campfire is directly involved with Indigenous health in SA/NT with the goal of reducing the life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Around the Campfire is currently raising money to operate an Indigenous School Nurse Program in remote South Australia and Northern Territory. From listening to many Indigenous Australians like Stan Grant talk we know where the racism, bigotry and discrimination comes from in Australia. Around the Campfire will work hard to help all Indigenous Australians to be entitled and to receive the opportunities as every other Australian does and to proper as an Australian. Around the Campfire will work hard to reduce racism, bigotry and discrimination from non-indigenous Australians in an attempt to remove the divide that has been placed there by our history. If all Australians can help us with that we will begin the process in removing that divide that stops us from being a great country.
Founded date: 2015