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The Actual Nose, in a Sensor - Platform for Digital Smell and Taste Data Our solutions include: 1. Product profiling and standardization throughout the supply chain 2. Spoilage, contaminant, and pathogen identification 3. Real-time process control using olfaction data 4. New product creation to capture consumer preferences or industry white space 5. Reformulation of existing products optimized for health and ingredient cost 6. Malodor masking or elimination 7. Protection of smell- and taste-related intellectual property 8. Scent influencing in automobiles, casinos, retail and living spaces 9. Healthcare - diagnostics and therapeutics, and yield improvement in biologics manufacture Aromyx is building an early partner program with leading corporations that have significant pain points related to the above. This program provides customers with early access to Aromyx sensing technology and allows these customers the ability to work side by side with Aromyx scientists to define the project scope and product design.
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