We are Marco, Francesco and Frank . We first met in college and have since gained a tremendous appreciation for great coffee. Our favourite place was a small Italian café next to the college that served wood-fire roasted coffee. We spent entire mornings and afternoons there studying, laughing and enjoying one of the best coffees we had ever had. During summer breaks we travelled a lot through Europe, South America…always discovering new ways of drinking coffee and, most importantly, understanding how coffee represents a unique moment of sharing and aggregation. During our last year of college, thanks to the father of one of our professors we visited our first roaster in Italy. It was a small place curated in every detail and managed by an extraordinary 82-year-old man. His coffee was his life…Life is life, and each of us went in different directions pursuing our ambitions. This period of our lives can be called online coffee sharing. Over the phone, email, and skype we shared photos, videos, stories, long-distance experiences, and thousands of cups of coffee from around the word …but then during the summer of 2014 we decided to reunite and start doing what really makes us happy: travelling in search of the best coffees. It was then that we understood our mission is to offer people the coffee they deserve in a delightful and simple way. Aromapass was born.
Location: United Kingdom
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2015

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