ARoglyph Inc. is a US company, incorporated in Commonwealth of Virginia, with development done in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company develops ARoglyph service. ARoglyph service lets you share experiences with people nearby by leaving marks, visible to others within limited range and for certain time. The service addresses wide range of people communication and interaction problems, especially in cities. In particular ARoglyph helps people who are not members of the same regular communication group establish new contacts and connections: - Youngsters get a handy way to express themselves and to build their own private local communities. Introverts have new possibilities for communicating with people nearby in an unobtrusive manner; - Neighbors who are not acquainted with each other get a chance to know about planned local events and offers made by local shops; - City communities can use ARoglyph in touristic or infrastructure projects (eg. marking touristic places, public transport stops). Unlike social networks use of the service doesn't require a previously established contact with other people - when one creates the mark, it can be seen by any person passing by within a specified range from the mark. Quality of the marks is ensured by social mechanisms of the service. The mark expires and becomes inactive after certain time, so all marks are actual. Also people can provide feedback about quality of the mark by voting for or against the mark and by commenting on the mark. One can also share the mark to social networks for better visibility. The service is offered as an App (application) for mobile devices (currently Android smartphones are supported; iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms to be supported later).
Location: United States, Virginia, Alexandria
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2014

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