Global crowfounding for healthcare It is possible to see that the problems and difficulties of the disabled have been reflected to their family and social environment. Discrimination is the biggest problem in terms of unemployment, education, health, lodging, social security. They should be evaluated to have equal opportunities as anyone in the community. OBJECTIVE Reintegration of the Disabled to our society Our product features; Holding and Grasping Capability Very closest to natural hand movement with its sensors Will be integrated to human in next phase Aesthetic Mind Controlled movement Light For Turkey Market Development and Growth Estimate : Around 2.2 millions towards the year 2020 For Europe and US There are 1.5 million amputees in the US who are customers of limb prosthetics services and products. This number increases by 185.000 per year. 6000 are upper-extremity (arm, hand, fingers) amputees.The overall number of amputees will accelerate because of diabetes related amputation.