Armstrong One combines Predictive Analytics and AI,with Omni-channel content execution Armstrong One enables businesses at different stages in this journey to introduce an AI driven Customer Data Platform quickly and with low risk. Designed to sit atop of existing architecture, our ready for use within 3-4 weeks. Our clients fall in to two broad groups (The Hut Group strikes me as being very much in the former): 1 - Businesses with data scientists who are creating great analytical models, but there is a disconnect between the analysis and execution. We have built a stable, scalable engineering solution that allows execution across all channels, both online (email, social, display) and offline (direct mail, personalised TV, DOOH etc.). Clients data science teams can directly access our workbench, and create new, or upload models they have built elsewhere. 2 - Businesses without data scientists are able to access ?data science as a service? by selecting pre-built models, create models and then execute based on the results thanks to the capabilities mentioned above.
Member count: 11-50