Armored Cow Gun Club
Firearm Safety Education and Training A training and education facility along the C470 corridor between I-25 and Ken Caryl, dedicated to firearm safety education, shooting sports, and self defense. The company offers free safety classes to children 12 and under, low cost introduction to firearm courses, and concealed carry, defensive shooting, and other courses. The company also manages the "Victim No Longer" fund, a fund to help victims of domestic violence get the equipment and knowledge to defend themselves and no longer be a victim. Two, 10 lane, 25 yard fixed position shooting ranges to provide ample opportunity for target shooting. A single hybrid 25 yard tactical range for training on how to move and shoot. A 10 lane, 100 yard rifle range for long range shooting. The company also has a drop in child care center for patrons while training, a professional shop for sales of firearms and other equipment, gunsmith to keep firearms in good safe working order, coffee lounge, and VIP lounge.