ARMO "Armados Omega"
Interlocking construction system for affordable housing (like lego) A construction system based on interlocking concrete blocks (mortarless), integrated functional elements that offers a quicker, cost efficient, Do It Yourself construction solution. ARMO system allows to build solid houses offering the following benefits: Allow people to owe sustainable house. Up to 50 % construction time savings. Up to 70% skilled labor savings. (DIY) Up to 20% direct construction cost savings. When combined, these features offer an affordable housing solution for mid and low income population segments. With the additional feature that it can be use for ?self-built? programs. Company based in Mexico operating in the local housing sector. The end customers in Mexico for the construction system are governmental entities, low income population and associations. Nevertheless thanks to several publications we are receiving worldwide requests of companies wanting to acquire the technology, thus we want to offer licenses as product for international expansion
Location: Mexico, Puebla