Cancer drug that is essentially free from side effects Our drug selectively kills cancer cells over normal, healthy cells. Huge advantage over current therapies as patients & physicians want a cancer drug that is well tolerated. Dr. Renato Aguilera, PhD, at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) discovered our drug kills many stains of cancer cells. We sponsored studies in vitro, in mice, dogs and humans - all results are encouraging for safety and efficacy. Study results in our patent application, filed by Belinda Hartmann, PhD, JD, July 2019. Our next step is to sponsor several small human studies on different types of cancer - including breast, lung, colorectal and leukemia. After the current studies on humans with several types of cancers, we will then have sufficient data for a big pharma to make a licensing or asset purchase deal. That is our exit. ?Having lost my father to liver cancer, I have a personal interest in seeing this product fully developed and commercialized.? Ernest Armstrong, Founder and CEO
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