A marketplace where users trade fractional shares or rare sneakers Arkiv is a marketplace where users trade fractional shares of rare sneakers like stocks. Our product levels the playing field between the "haves" and "have nots" in the sneaker resale market. How it Works We break each pair of sneakers into 100 equal shares, so 1 share of an $800 pair of sneakers is only $8. We determine the initial listing price by taking an average price of the top 3 sneaker resale platforms and discounting it by 25%. Users make money by selling shares for more than what they paid for them. If a user wants a pair of sneakers mailed to them, they simply acquire all 100 of the outstanding shares on the market. How We Make Money We charge a 7% trading fee of the value of each trade, 3.5% to the seller and 3.5% to the buyer, respectively. Our fees are a fraction of the 15% - 25% fees charged by market incumbents. We list sneakers by proxy, thus we do not incur shipping, handling and inventory-related overhead. Why We Built Arkiv The vast majority of people that want to participate in the sneaker resale market cannot because they don't have the capital and/or connections of "power resellers". Power resellers have the capital and connections to amass the majority of hot, new sneaker releases. Power resellers dominate both online releases (via elaborate/expensive bots) and in-store releases (via their connections) so much so that the average user doesn't get a fair shot at entering the market. After hoarding the majority of newly released sneakers, the power resellers then re-list them on popular sneaker resale sites for many times their retail price, further shutting out the masses from buying and thus reselling sneakers themselves. Our marketplace eliminates the advantages that excessive capital and connections afford power resellers over the average person. This opens the door for more capital to flow into the sneaker aftermarket, and for more people to participate in reselling sneakers. Arkiv is the future of how sneakers are traded.
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