TriGlytza?, a clinical stage pancreatic 'beta-cell centric' product for Type 2 diabetes ARKAY Therapeutics ( is a privately-held clinical stage company located in East Windsor, NJ. We are currently raising $10M capital upfront investment and $70M investment in tranches over the next 3-4 years. With this investment, our goal is to develop the commercial proprietary formulation, RK-01 or TriGlytza and conduct the U.S. FDA-approved Phase I and II clinical trials to evaluate its safety, tolerance and superiority over metformin in newly diagnosed treatment-na?ve and obese Type 2 diabetes patients with inadequate glycemic control with metformin monotherapy ( NCT03686657). Metformin is the current first line of therapy, the standard of care and is considered the ?Gold Standard.? TriGlytza is a first-in class, orally-active, combination product for treating Type 2 diabetes. Our business goal is to merge or partner with a pharmaceutical company in the Type 2 diabetes space to conduct the Phase III clinical trials and to commercialize.
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