cancer gene therapy drug targeted at cause ARIZ designed and developed a revolutionary cancer gene therapy drug targeted at the cause of cancer, a bad gene. This drug, unlike chemotherapy, may be curative and with minimal if any side effects, There are 7 million new cases of cancer each year globally for whom better therapies are needed. We use a targeted drug delivery system to get the right drug to the right pace at the right time. This product was designed by experts in RNA inhibition (gene blocking method), drug delivery systems and cancer cell targeting agents. Patents have been applied for; patents for product were prepared by experts in field. Our first three products are for breast, lung and bone cancers (myeloma). We have completed proof of concept studies in breast cancer, with our product and chemotherapy, which showed a 100% increase in cancer cell death when compared to chemotherapy alone. We have 11 issued patents covering a family of genes & proteins commonly implicated in cancer cell formation & survival.