Build educational communities on the go and the incentives to make them thrive ? What is Arivanza? Create decentralised educational communities on-the-go as well as the incentives that better motivate your students to learn. ? How is it different? - Mobile-only: Accessible education on the go, offering the best and simplest UX. - Blockchain: The value that users create in the platform is represented by its own crypto-token and crypto-assets. ? What?s in it for educators? - Create beautiful, interactive content on-the-go. - Create the incentives using the token as a reward. - Create crypto-assets (badges and certificates) that represent achievement and expertise. - Get tokens in exchange for high quality educational content or services. ? What?s in it for students? - Create your own content, curate online resources or connect to existing communities in order to learn. - Get rewarded in tokens for learning, or helping others learn. - Reward others for helping you learn. - Obtain unique badges and certificates that serve as proof of you knowledge and expertise.
Member count: 1-10